Our Machines

With all our machines we offer a FREE 3 Year Warranty:-

UK 3 Year Parts and Labour
Outside the UK 3 Year Parts Only

FREE delivery within the UK
Cost price delivery outside the UK

We offer FREE advice as to which machine will be suitable for your needs.

Extra revenue can be achieved by selling advertising space on the sides of the machines.

Pay back on your purchase of the machine can be achieved within months.

The Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner

  • Generate An Income?
  • Work Hours That Suit You?
  • Clean Golf Clubs At Your Local Golf Courses?

If the answers to the above are yes, then this machine is the one for you.

We developed and designed this machine specifically for individuals to start a mobile cleaning service at their local golf courses.

This machine will clean a full set of golf clubs, grips and clubs heads in minutes.

You can have confidence with this machine knowing we have the experience, the know how and many many years of providing a reliable, high quality product.

The machine comes with a FREE 3 Year Warranty, Parts and Labour which means for 3 years you have no worries of any outlay in the unlikely event there is a problem with the machine.

From day one of you purchasing one of these machines, all the money you generate, stays in your pocket.

We offer FREE help and advice to get you on your way.

The Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to create an income on a full or part time basis.

By purchasing this machine you are on your way to working in a friendly environment and offering a quality service to golfers.

Compact machine

The Digital Ultrasonic Ultimate Grip & Club Head Cleaner

We developed and designed this machine in 1997 with the sole purpose of selling it to Golf Professionals, Golf Clubs and Golf Driving Ranges.

With this machine you get all the advantages of our Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner, plus the added main points set out below:-

  • Generates an extra income for the Golf Professional, Golf Club and Golf Driving Range
  • Provides a golf club cleaning service for members and visitors
  • Adds a special dimension to corporate days
  • This machine can be operated independently by golfers
  • The machine has automatic cleaning time settings
  • Golfers purchase a token which when inserted, starts the machine cycle
  • There is a counter inside the machine which counts every clean

Individuals can purchase this machine if they only want to work a couple of days per week and the rest of the week it can be operated by the Golf Professional. The takings are then split on an agreed percentage.